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I just installed Notes 8 on ubuntu using an IBM prepacked deb package. Everything went smootly, the only issue is related to the fonts. Notes has luxy-courier as the default font, and this font is not installed by default on the ubuntu/debian systems. To fix this issue just install the ttf-xfree86-nonfree package, if you are ok with non-free packages. Otherwise change the default font from Luxy-Courier to Arial or Courier.


Yesterday I’ve upgraded my Lotus Notes to the last version (the 8.0.1). Everything worked fine, the only problem I remarked is that the Notes runtime has been installed into C:/Notes and the Data directory is still in C:/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Notes/Data, that is the location of the previous install.

Since I’m pretty paranoiac about the directory order in the file system, I wanted to move the Data directory within the C:/Notes directory. I thought this was a hard and long process but, surprisingly, it consists of just changing a line into your Notes.ini file (the one in C:/Notes).

So, if you want to move the Data directory, first copy it to the desired location (copy, not move, just in case you want to rollback the changes). Then change the following line into the Notes.ini file:


Then restart Notes. If everything works fine after the restart, you can also delete the previous Data directory.

If you have Symphony installed with Notes, then you should also tell him that the workspace location has changed. To do so just edit this file: C:\notes\Data\workspace\.config\

changing the following line\:/Notes/Data/workspace

Note that now the data directory points to the new location.

After this everything should run smooth. Enjoy!

Tommy is a complete unmanned car, controlled entirely by a real time jvm. Take a look here:

Another step forward for RTSJ (the Real Time Specification for Java), altough we still need a quad ultra sparc as Tommy’s brain…