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Hi to everyone,

I’m Vincenzo Caruso, a computer engineer with some passions other than computers. I grew up in Grimaldi, a small and cute town in Calabria, in the south of Italy. I spent my first 18 years there, where I had a wild youth compared to who has growth in a city… No playstation at all!

I’ ve attended the high school in Rende, having a good time with my schoolmates, sharing books, movies, passions, travels. In that period I’ve heavily expanded my horizons, being conscious that ideas comes from experience and the experience cannot be matured if laying in the same place.

Then the university trip begun… So I moved to Bologna, where I attended the faculty of computer engineering. Bologna is a wonderful city and I’ll never forget her… the vibrant first years, discovering this new psychoactive red bricks world. I’ve been involved in an student exchange program, so I’ve spent a wonderful year in Paris.

After my graduation I’ve worked in Rome for a little period. While Rome is an amazing city, surely the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, my work was not the one I was looking for, so I decided to go abroad…

Then I spent 3 years in Ireland, in the city of Dublin. My job is finally what I was looking for, and is a good sensation to feel that everything here is new for me.

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