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vcaruso@vcaruso-mba:~/workspace$ git clone
vcaruso@vcaruso-mba:~/workspace$ cd ripple-rest/
vcaruso@vcaruso-mba:~/workspace/ripple-rest$ npm install

Note that if DATABASE_URL is not defined, you’ll get the following:
No DATABASE_URL specified, defaulting to sqlite3 in memory. DO NOT USE THIS FOR A PRODUCTION SYSTEM

which means that ripple-rest will run with sqlite3, which is perfectly fine for dev purposes. However, you still need to create a config.js to explicitly say that you want to run sqlite3:

vcaruso@vcaruso-mba:~/workspace/ripple-rest$ cat config.json
"config_version": "0.0.1",
"PORT": 5990,
"NODE_ENV": "development",
"HOST": "localhost",
"ssl": {
"key_path": "./certs/server.key",
"cert_path": "./certs/server.crt"
"rippled_servers": [
"host": "localhost",
"port": 443,
"secure": true

At this point, you can start the web server:



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