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tshark -r enxt_drops.pcap -qz io,stat,0,"COUNT(tcp.analysis.retransmission)tcp.analysis.retransmission","COUNT(tcp.analysis.duplicate_ack)tcp.analysis.duplicate_ack","COUNT(tcp.analysis.lost_segment)tcp.analysis.lost_segment","COUNT(tcp.analysis.fast_retransmission)tcp.analysis.fast_retransmission"

-z io,stat,interval[,filter][,filter][,filter]...
Collect packet/bytes statistics for the capture in intervals of interval seconds. Interval can be specified either as a whole or fractional second and can be specified with ms
resolution. If interval is 0, the statistics will be calculated over all packets.
NOTE: One important thing to note here is that the field that the calculation is based on MUST also be part of the filter string or else the calculation will fail.

So: -z io,stat,0.010,AVG(smb.time) does not work. Use -z io,stat,0.010,AVG(smb.time)smb.time instead. Also be aware that a field can exist multiple times inside the same
packet and will then be counted multiple times in those packets.

-q When capturing packets, don't display the continuous count of packets captured that is normally shown when saving a capture to a file; instead, just display, at the end of the
capture, a count of packets captured. On systems that support the SIGINFO signal, such as various BSDs, you can cause the current count to be displayed by typing your "status"
character (typically control-T, although it might be set to "disabled" by default on at least some BSDs, so you'd have to explicitly set it to use it).

When reading a capture file, or when capturing and not saving to a file, don't print packet information; this is useful if you're using a -z option to calculate statistics and
don't want the packet information printed, just the statistics.


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